Political Regimes

Those of you in my IS210 class may find the Polity IV data to be of use when writing your paper. Click on the image below to take you to the website, where (if you scroll down to the bottom) you can see the regime scores (between -10 and +10) for each country over many years. See the example at the bottom of this post.

Political Regime Types–Polity IV Dataset

Here’s an exampe of the history of movements in regime for El Salvador from 1946 until 2010. How many changes in regime does El Salvador seem to have experienced in the post-WWII period? What happened in the early 1980s?


Polity IV Score in El Salvador

One thought on “Political Regimes”

  1. This is an useful website to me as by looking into different authority trends of countries, we can have a board view of when did the regime change and how long would it be changing.
    After looking into these trends, we then can do research on time that regimes changed and wonder why and how. As a result, this serves as a guideline to understand time line of regime of countries and save us sometime to look into every year of countries.

    Sally Leung

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