2 thoughts on “If we cared about the environment as much as we do about sports”

  1. I found the video very enjoyable as well. I’m constantly amazed at how our society is more in tune with sports and entertainment than actual global problems and policies, that will also affect them. I strongly believe that if we cared more, we would be able to achieve more as individuals and as a society. Not that being a sports fan or mainstream follower is a bad thing, but it is important to know the essence of climate change and other global problems because you might be the one actually perpetuating it! It bothers me that when I get in my car or forget to take my phone out of the charger, i am contributing to environmental degradation, however taking such classes and generally educating myself allows me to take more positive and sustainable action for myself and my community. I often hope the same happens with others but it seems mainstream media is so dramatic and biased when it comes to certain issues such as Fox news reporting on Climate change, and yet individuals instantly believe what they see or hear without questioning the facts, unfortunately.


  2. I enjoyed really enjoyed this video because it brings things into perspective. It is crazy how so many individuals are so pre-occupied by something so trivial, like sports, that really has no meaningful impact on our lives. Now don’t get me wrong, I am a huge sports fan. Watching your favourite team play is exciting, entertaining, and social. Watching your favourite team win a championship for the first time or even multiple times evokes feelings of pure bliss, pride, and joy. But if you really ask yourself, how do sports actually impact your life besides providing entertainment and a degree of pride? The effects of climate change are real. Rising sea levels, hotter global temperatures, wildly fluctuating precipitation patterns, and more frequent extreme weather systems will likely intensify global instability, poverty, and hunger (Vice News). Yet, many individuals within society remain ignorant about the issue. If my home gets flooded by rising sea levels, or worse yet, has no fresh water supply due to drought caused by rising temperatures, I seriously doubt that I will focus on any aspect of my favourite sports team at all.

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