Climate March on NYC Planned for September 21

What organizers are calling the “largest climate march in history” is set to descend upon New York City in less than two weeks’ time (September 21). The event is meant to coincide with a key UN Climate Summit, which UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has organized to not only give global leaders in business, politics, and civil society a chance to discuss this important topic, but also to build momentum in advance of the crucial 2015 Paris 21st COP to the UNFCCC. (Don’t worry, by the end of the semester you’ll know exactly what these acronyms mean.) Amongst the projected crowd of tens-of-thousands of protesters will be the current leader (and Member of Parliament) of the Green Party of Canada, Elizabeth May. “Taking it to the streets” in the hopes of hastening socio-political change is something with which May agrees, if her Twitter account is any indication:

Here is part of the Green Party of Canada press release announcing the climate march and encouraging other Canadians to join May in New York City:

On September 21, tens of thousands of concerned citizens from around the world will gather in New York City for the People’s Climate March. They will be marching to show the world leaders assembled there for the 2014 UN Climate Summit that our planet cannot wait for more negotiations – we need climate action now.

At the Climate Summit, Canada will stand out as having the worst climate policy record in the industrialized world.

From their dismantling of environmental regulations to their rush to expand Canada’s pipeline capacity, no government on earth has worked harder than the Harper Conservatives to speed up catastrophic climate change.

Maybe someday we can get the Honourable Member for Saanich–Gulf Islands to tell us what she really thinks about the Harper government’s climate policies.

Is Canadian government climate policy really the industrialized world’s worst? Worse than the USA and/or China? Will you also be increasing your carbon footprint to join the march in New York City?



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  1. Thanks for your comment, TKG! Combined, the USA and PRC contribute about 60% of the global GHG emissions globally. As the Green Party of Canada leader, you would assume that MP May is aware of this fact. Despite that, she makes very strong categorical claims about Canada’s climate policies under the Harper government. It would be interesting to learn (which any of you could as part of your paper assignments) to what, specifically, May refers when she makes these claims.

  2. Canada might stand out for having the worst climate policy record in the industrialized world, but one must not forget about the US and China. These two nations are global powerhouses that also contribute to the negative effects of climate change. Moreover, the United States and China are legally exempt from greenhouse gas cuts under existing international agreements. Does anyone else find it ironic that a conference like this is being held in a nation where every citizen in the country is exempt from abiding by greenhouse gas cuts? Conferences and protests are effective in bringing problems to light. However, if the world wants to see any collective action on climate change, arguably two of the most influential nations in the world have to abide by existing international agreements, and not be exempt from following them.

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