Here’s a pretty good example of what I am looking for in your blog posts, with respect to what I want you to write. The post would be better with some links to contemporary stories/news clips illustrating the point.


For this post i have chosen to comment on an article found in Foreign Affairs entitled, “Democratization and War” written by Edward D. Mansfield and Jack Snyder. I have chosen to write on this topic because of our discussion regarding the argument that democracies do not make war upon each other. After reading the article this thesis has its limits. The authors start their argument by mentioning that this idea is the “law” in international relations, only because the United States used it to further their aggressive foreign policy of promoting democracies across the globe. They also bring into the argument of history playing an important factor, in saying that after the Napoleonic wars, the elite halted the rise of  democracy and nationalism and there was a time of relative peace until the Crimean War. What does this mean to us today? While we see the creations of democracies outside of…

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