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It’s 2012, and the world in which we live is going through major political changes.  Dictatorship after dictatorship fall as the people in  authoritarian regimes, such as Egypt and Libya, rise in a drive towards pursuing  the “good life,” a phrase associated with Aristotle in his analysis of different forms of government (Dyck, Studying Politics).  Aristotle’s classification of governments (The Politics) could just as easily have been done 100 years ago, yet he did so more than 2,000 years before.

Aristotle’s Typology of Governments
True forms Ruled for the common good of allPerversions Ruled for the good of private interests
Rule by oneMonarchyTyranny Governed for the interest of the monarch only
Rule by fewAristocracyOligarchy Governed for the interest of the wealthy only
Rule by manyPolityDemocracy Governed for the interests of the needy only

Today’s observer should have no problem identifying the form of government in most states, with regimes generally falling into…

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