Accessing online journal articles from off-campus

Hello Students:

Some of you have e-mailed inquiring about how to access the subscription-only online journals from off-campus. With the roll-out of the library’s new “fast search” feature, it’s now as easy as 1-2-3…4-5!

Here’s what you do:

1) Go to the library’s website and check that the “Fast Search” has been selected in the search area (it should be the default).

2) Type the name of the article you’re seeking in the appropriate place (see pic below) and click “Search.”

3) A new browser window will open. If you see the name of the article, click the appropriate link (inside the orange rectangle in the picture below):

4) A new browser window will open, leading to information on how you can access the article–both online and via other methods. Click on the appropriate online link. In this case, it’s the Sage electronic journals link.

5) Clicking on the appropriate link will cause the library to re-direct you to the SFU authorization page, where you will be required to enter you netid and password, and press “Login.” This will redirect you to a PDF version of the paper.

6) Success! You’re on your way to reading one more fascinating article in the field of comparative politics. Lucky you!

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