Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting

Here is some information about an interesting new NGO dedicated to reporting on the world’s crisis spots. The World Security Institute’s Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting was established in 2006.   Be sure to also have a look at their “untold stories” blog page.  Here is a description of their mission, in their own words:

The World Security Institute’s Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting, established in 2006, intends to be a leader in sponsoring the independent reporting that media organizations are increasingly less willing to undertake on their own. The Center’s goal is to raise the standard of coverage of global affairs, and to do so in a way that engages both the broad public and government policy-makers.

The Pulitzer Center is a bold initiative, in keeping with its sponsorship by a family whose name for more than a century has been a watchword for journalistic integrity and courage. From Teapot Dome through the civil rights struggle, Vietnam and the run-up to Iraq, the Pulitzers have stood for a “drastically independent” journalism that would “never be satisfied with merely printing news.”

When the third Joseph Pulitzer became editor of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch a half century ago, he paid tribute to that legacy. “Not only will we report the day’s news,” he said, “but we will illuminate dark places and, with a deep sense of responsibility, interpret these troubled times.” The Pulitzer Center is driven by that same mission and deep sense of responsibility, in times just as troubled.

The Pulitzer Center functions as an independent division of the World Security Institute, itself a leader in the sponsorship of independent journalism and scholarship. The Center will partner with the Institute’s other divisions, especially in television production and Internet publications, both to identify potential reporting topics and to insure global distribution of the projects that result.

The Center welcomes proposals for enterprising reporting projects throughout the world, with an emphasis on issues that have gone unreported, under-reported or mis-reported in the mainstream American media. The Center’s director is Jon Sawyer.