Call for Papers for Human Rights, Individualism, and Globalization

Bethany College in West Virginia is hosting a conference this April on the general theme of human rights, individualism, and globalization.  There will also be a panel dedicated to  an undergraduate research paper competition, and an award will be given to the best undergraduate research paper.  There are two conflicting deadlines, but the earlier one is February 21st, by which date you must send a 150-word abstract of your proposed paper topic, which would then have to be completed (assuming your proposal is accepted) by April 10th.

According to the conference website, some suggested topics are:

Cultural Narcissism; The Lonely Planet—Literature; Film and Art; Alienable Vs Inalienable Human Rights; Documenting Human Rights Abuse; Film; Art; Literature; Imagining a Human(e) Community; Common sense and Common Selves; Self Reflection and the Reflected Self; Global Orders Private Lives; The Law and Practice of Human Rights; Abolition of Slave Trade; Refugees and Forced Migration; Nationalism and Ethnicity; Diplomacy and Human Rights; Human Rights and Religious Expression ;Trafficking in Persons and Drugs; Human Rights and Globalization; Democracy; Political Rights and Human Rights; Democracy and Political Activism; NGOS and Human Rights; Rights of Women; Rights of Children; Human Rights and Diversity in the Workplace; Preventing Harassment and Discrimination in the Workplace; Human Rights and Labor Exploitation; Human Rights and the Environment; War Crimes and Terror; Transnational Politics and Globalization; Gandhi’s view on Globalization; Poverty and Globalization; Globalization as a Sophisticated Form of Colonization; Outsourcing; Capitalism and Worker’s Union; Anti-terrorist Measures and International Human Rights; Gangs; Violent Crime and Security; Racism and the Multicultural Self; Social Responsibility and Labor Rights; Objectivist Framework of Individualism; Privacy Rights and Communications Technology; Genetic Engineering and Human Rights.

I encourage you to send a proposal and you could use your blogs as the basis for a research paper to present at this conference.  There is more information at the conference website.

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